Philip Glass Opera Trilogy

Her Majesty's Theatre - August 2014

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“Whilst Einstein and Satyagraha are given highly successful performances, for me, the culmination of that which is best in this marathon undertaking lies in the superb production of Akhnaten, Glass’s take on the life and revolutionary religious ideas of Egypt’s premier roi-soleil.

With Sexton’s complete understanding of Glass’ musical intentions and Warren’s ingenious and often hieroglyphic-like stances of his dancers, something both intimate and immediately comprehendable is presented whilst adding much to the effectively hypnotic score… Here is an operatic venture deserving of the highest praise and capable of success on an international level and all has been done within the tightest budgetary restraints whilst showing just what can be achieved when such passionate collaborators are united in a project needing so much time and commitment to succeed as well as this does”.

Brett Allen-Bayes – 25 September 2014

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